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Lucas Maximiliano Marino

developer, coffee addict, and hackathon lover


Thankifi — A free as in speech API that makes it easy for you to express gratitude. Be grateful!

Navigator Framework — A highly opinionated telegram bot framework for .NET

Gimme keycodes! — Get javascript keycodes for every key!

random_color — Rust crate for generating random attractive colors

anytype-bin — Mirror of the aur pkgbuild I maintain for Anytype


thankies — Be grateful on telegram! Check it out at @thankiesbot

foscbot — Funny & silly bot for FOSC. Check it out at @foscbot


HackJunction 2019Helsinki, November 2019

HackJunction 2018Espoo, November 2018

HackUPC 2018Barcelona, October 2018

HackForGood 2017Cartagena, March 2017

HackUPC Winter2017Barcelona, March 2017

HackJunction 2016Helsinki, November 2016

HackUPC Fall2016Barcelona, October 2016

HackUPC 2016Barcelona, February 2016